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Contact info

Effortlessly connect with customers by adding your details to their phones.

Social Media

Easily share all your social links with bSite NFC Business Cards in just one tap.


Enhance lead conversions by including CTAs in your profile, such as Shop, Schedule a Meeting, Pay Me, Calendar, and more.


Boost your online presence, share effortlessly, and unlock the potential of your mini site—featuring Services, Portfolio, Videos, Google reviews, and more.

Why bSite

Efficiency, eco-friendly, always up-to-date, professional, analytics, integration, cost-effective, enhanced personalization, security, global accessibility make Bsite an excellent choice for networking.

"MiniSite: Your Ultimate Web Presence Solution"

Rich Content Display:

A mini site on your digital business card allows you to showcase more than just contact information. You can display services, portfolio items, videos, reviews, and other rich content, providing a comprehensive view of your offerings.

Professional Impression:

Having a mini site demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to staying up-to-date with technology trends. It leaves a lasting impression on potential clients or contacts, showing that you're tech-savvy and forward-thinking.

Easy Updates:

Unlike printed business cards, you can update the content on your mini site in real-time. This means you can always present your most current information, ensuring that clients and prospects have access to your latest offerings and contact details.

Effortless Sharing

Sharing your mini site is as easy as sharing a link. This simplifies the process for you and your contacts, making it more likely that they'll explore your additional content and engage with your services or products.

Boost Your Reputation with Google Review NFC Metal Cards

Instant Access to Reviews:

With a Google Review NFC metal card, you can provide potential customers with instant access to your online reviews. They can conveniently tap their smartphone on the card to read what others have said about your business, building trust and credibility.

Increased Visibility:

Encouraging customers to leave Google reviews directly through the NFC card can boost your online presence. Positive reviews help improve your search engine ranking, making it easier for new customers to find and choose your business.

Enhanced Engagement

NFC technology simplifies the process of engaging with your customers. By offering them an easy way to leave reviews, you're more likely to receive feedback and build stronger relationships with your clients.

Professional and Tech-Savvy Image:

Using a Google Review NFC metal card not only demonstrates that you value customer feedback but also presents your business as forward-thinking and professional. It leaves a memorable impression and shows that you embrace modern technology to benefit your customers.

Pricing plans

Choose Your bSite Plan: Elevate Your Digital Networking

Explore our range of bSite plans designed to meet your networking needs. Whether you're an individual professional or a business looking to elevate your connections, we have a plan tailored just for you. Choose the perfect bSite subscription and unlock the full potential of digital networking.

Choose Your Plan

We offer three different plans that cover the needs of modern startups and businesses. They are provided via monthly or annual payments for your convenience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

bSite is a digital business card service that helps individuals and businesses create and manage their online professional profiles. It includes digital business cards with NFC capabilities and customizable mini sites to showcase additional information.

bSite allows you to create a digital business card with your contact information and a link to your mini site. You can customize the mini site to include services, portfolio items, videos, reviews, and more. Share your digital business card with others by tapping their smartphones or sharing the link.

Yes, bSite's digital business cards are compatible with most smartphones, including both Android and iOS devices. Users can simply tap their NFC-enabled phones to access your information.

On your mini site, you can include information such as services you offer, portfolio items, videos, links to your social media profiles, Google reviews, and more. It's a versatile platform for showcasing your professional presence.

bSite takes privacy and security seriously. Your information is stored securely, and only those you share your digital business card with can access your mini site.

No, you don't need to download any apps to use bSite. The digital business card and mini site are accessible through web links and NFC technology, making it convenient for both you and your contacts.

No, you don't need to download any apps to use bSite. The digital business card and mini site are accessible through web links and NFC technology, making it convenient for both you and your contacts.

To get started with bSite, visit our website, choose a plan, and follow the simple steps to create your digital business card and mini site. You can start elevating your networking and professional presence right away.

For customer support and any inquiries, you can reach out to our customer service team through the contact information provided on our website. We're here to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

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